v3.11.4 Documentation
Narrative Text Tags

The following tokens can be used within Story Text to do things such as change the styling of text or clear the contents of a dialog area on input and much more. You can see this list in the editor by pressing the Tag Help button in the Say command.

  • {b} Bold Text {/b}
  • {i} Italic Text {/i}
  • {color=red} Color Text (color){/color}
  • {size=30} Text size {/size}
  • {s}, {s=60} Writing speed (chars per sec){/s}
  • {w}, {w=0.5} Wait (seconds)
  • {wi} Wait for input
  • {wc} Wait for input and clear
  • {wvo} Wait for voice over line to complete
  • {wp}, {wp=0.5} Wait on punctuation (seconds){/wp}
  • {c} Clear
  • {x} Exit, advance to the next command without waiting for input
  • {vpunch=10,0.5} Vertically punch screen (intensity,time)
  • {hpunch=10,0.5} Horizontally punch screen (intensity,time)
  • {punch=10,0.5} Punch screen (intensity,time)
  • {flash=0.5} Flash screen (duration)
  • {audio=AudioObjectName} Play Audio Once
  • {audioloop=AudioObjectName} Play Audio Loop
  • {audiopause=AudioObjectName} Pause Audio
  • {audiostop=AudioObjectName} Stop Audio
  • {m=MessageName} Broadcast message
  • {$VarName} Substitute variable


This is a line of dialog.
This is another line of dialog with some {b}bold{/b} styling.
This is another line of dialog with some {color=blue}blue{/b} text.