v3.9.1 Documentation

This page explains how to download and install Unity and Fungus.

Video Tutorial

How do I install Fungus?

  1. Install the latest version of Unity.
  2. Launch Unity and create a new Project by selecting File > New Project.
  3. Select 'Use Defaults for 2D' when creating the new project.

To install Fungus from the Asset Store (recommended):

  1. Open the Asset Store window in Unity
  2. Search for Fungus on the Asset Store
  3. Download and import Fungus to your project using the Asset Store window.

To install Fungus from the latest release on Github:

  1. Download the latest Fungus .unitypackage from Github
  2. Import Fungus into the new project by selecting Assets > Import Package > Custom Package.

First steps

  1. Display the Flowchart editor window by selecting Window > Tools > Fungus > Flowchart Window.
  2. For convenience, you should dock the Flowchart window somewhere in the editor window.
  3. In the project window, open The Hunter example scene (FungusExamples > TheHunter > TheHunter.unity).
  4. Press play and click through the example game.

Try playing the other example scenes and watch how the gameplay is controlled by the flowchart in the Fungus Script window.

How do I upgrade?

To upgrade an existing project to the latest version of Fungus.

  1. Take a backup of your project. No really, do it!
  2. We recommend updating to the latest version of Unity.
  3. Delete the Fungus and FungusExamples folders from your project.
  4. Download and import the latest version of Fungus.

We try to maintain backwards compatibility between releases but sometimes breaking changes are necessary. If you're having trouble upgrading your project just ask for assistance on the forum.

System Requirements

  • We recommend installing the latest version of Unity.
  • Fungus requires at least Unity 5.0 and is not compatible with Unity 4.x or earlier.
  • Fungus works with both the PC & Mac versions of Unity
  • Fungus works with both the free Personal and Professional editions of Unity
  • Official Unity list of system requirements.