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Fungus.SceneLoader Class Reference

Helper component for loading a new scene. More...

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Static Public Member Functions

static void LoadScene (string _sceneToLoad, Texture2D _loadingTexture)
 Asynchronously load a new scene. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Start ()
virtual IEnumerator DoLoadBlock ()
virtual void OnGUI ()

Protected Attributes

Texture2D loadingTexture
string sceneToLoad
bool displayedImage

Detailed Description

Helper component for loading a new scene.

A fullscreen loading image is displayed while loading the new scene. All Rooms are destroyed and unused assets are released from memory before loading the new scene to minimize memory footprint. For streaming Web Player builds, the loading image will be displayed until the requested level has finished downloading.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ DoLoadBlock()

virtual IEnumerator Fungus.SceneLoader.DoLoadBlock ( )

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◆ LoadScene()

static void Fungus.SceneLoader.LoadScene ( string  _sceneToLoad,
Texture2D  _loadingTexture 

Asynchronously load a new scene.

_sceneToLoadThe name of the scene to load. Scenes must be added in project build settings.
_loadingTextureLoading image to display while loading the new scene.

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◆ OnGUI()

virtual void Fungus.SceneLoader.OnGUI ( )

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◆ Start()

virtual void Fungus.SceneLoader.Start ( )

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Member Data Documentation

◆ displayedImage

bool Fungus.SceneLoader.displayedImage

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◆ loadingTexture

Texture2D Fungus.SceneLoader.loadingTexture

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◆ sceneToLoad

string Fungus.SceneLoader.sceneToLoad

Definition at line 22 of file SceneLoader.cs.

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